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It’s nearly 60ºF on the 10th of December in Chicago, Illinois. I’m out on the balcony in a light jacket. Truman is investigating the Christmas decorations we have strung along the railing. The mood is pleasant, the air is calm, the snow is coming this weekend.

While the usual White Christmas vibe is not happening as of yet, I’m starting to feel the spirit of the holiday season a little bit. I needed to do a few things to kick myself in the mood. Unlike many folks, Christmas and related holidays are not my favorite time of the year but I still find them to be quite pleasant. The trick is to still fit in my clothes when it all calms down come the first of the year. So many goodies.

Despite the absence of winter weather usually found in these parts at this time of the year, and the concerning reasons for this sort of thing, I’m liking the warmish vibe we have going on. I’m also really enjoying the Christmas lights. No LEDs out here; these are good old incandescent lights a la 1978. Finding C9 replacement bulbs in a bit of a trick here in the 21st century, but we’re thankful to find anything on Amazon.


One of the reasons I like television shows from the 50s and 60s was to see how folks were portrayed back then. There was a certain amount of class and charm in the characters that we don’t see today. I’d love the opportunity to have a reason to wear a tux again. I haven’t worn one, outside of a wedding, in a few decades. I’ve owned only one tux in my life, and that was a requirement when I was in music school just out of high school.

When the pandemic is over and we’re all going out again, I’m going to take my husband out for an impressive dinner where formal wear is required. I’m saving up for the event. I might even fix up my flat Central New York (Inland North) accent for the occasion.

Uncle Arthur probably won’t be there though. And I can assure you I will not be wearing ruffles.

By the way, in the screen cap from the third season episode of “Bewitched” seen above, standing behind Dick York as Darrin is Melody McCord as a party guest. You’ve seen her plenty of times, but almost only from the back. She was Elizabeth Montgomery’s double, and was often in a black wig playing the backside of cousin Serena, or in her natural hair playing the backside of Samantha when Lizzie was playing Serena.

Christmas, Again, continues.

The filming of “Christmas, Again” in our neighborhood has continued over the past couple of weeks. They’re slated to wrap up production here at this end of this coming week. I hope they leave the decorations up on the houses surrounding the home they’re using as a set.

In the shadows you can see some rented lifts. They have cameras and the like covered in garbage bags for the off hours. Security personnel have been patrolling the area since the cast and crew moved into the neighborhood nearly a month ago. I’m anxious to see the finished product next year!


As enjoyed a drive across the prairie on Saturday I couldn’t help but marvel at the “pink layer” in the sky at sunset. In the photos we are looking to the east and the south. Behind us the sunset was a glorious red and orange, but the reflection against the haze on the eastern horizon was quite impressive as well.

Mother Nature can be so beautiful.


One of joys I have about meandering around rural areas of the country is taking photos of things I find interesting. Yesterday my husband and I drove across this railroad crossing at 55 MPH as we made our way along the county maintained roadway. But something caught my eye.

I did a U-turn and safely pulled off into a pullout alongside the crossing.

The photo above looks to the east of the roadway. The following two photos look to the west.

The railroad tracks go nowhere. There isn’t even room to park a rail car to the west of the crossing. The county went through the expense of building the cross, complete with warning lights (that are covered) for tracks that come to an abrupt end mere feet from the roadway.

I found this very interesting.

Where were the tracks headed? Is this a future industrial area that will be served by a big loop of railroad tracks?

Twitter Jail.

One of my Twitter accounts is currently in Twitter Jail for 12 hours. I responded to a woman claiming COVID is really no big deal because 330 million people die per year on U.S. roadways. I called her incredibly stupid and asked her to put her head in a microwave.

She reported me for encouraging self-harm.

Despite the fact that you can’t run a microwave with the door open, you must be incredibly weak and fragile to be insulted by something that was fun 35 years ago on The Golden Girls.

I used to get upset about getting thrown in Twitter jail because I felt I was being a bad Internet citizen. But since Twitter is so incredibly arbitrary with their rules and guidelines these days, I am happy that someone noticed my attempt at humor.

Christmas Again.

The backlot to the set of “Christmas Again”, a 2021 movie being filmed in our neighborhood. The production has a house shrouded in black fabric and other light blocking tricks two blocks from our condo; this afternoon I walked by and they were filming on the front lawn amongst a bunch of Christmas decorations. I looked the production up on IMDB and I recognized the star from the front lawn.

I know it’s fairly common for television and movie productions to be filmed in Chicago; I still find it quite neat to be right here in the neighborhood.


It’s very windy at the moment. Converting the wind in knots at O’Hare to the more civilian miles per hour in the United States, the wind is currently blowing at 28 to 50 miles per hour.

It made for an interesting walk through the neighborhood.

As a weather geek and an amateur storm chaser I have always been amazed and fascinated by strong wind. Wind at this time of year is very magical for me. It’s like Mother Earth is clearing out the Northern Hemisphere to settle down for her winter’s nap. Bursts of wind were swirling leaves and such around the neighborhood as I walked over four miles this afternoon. Luckily, my flight jacket kept me warm and I was able to shield my eyes from the debris blowing around. The “roar” of the trees was magical.

While others were bundled up bustling here and there on their errands or walking their dogs, I was out for a nice Sunday stroll in 50 MPH winds. Sounds about right.