My husband and I made a wonderful discovery during our road trip today.

Speedy Choice Fire Roasted Sweet Corn.


OK, now before we get all crazy, the bag you see pictured above is a total of 600 calories. There are four servings of this phenomenal delight in that bag, and like the gentlemen we strive to be, we evenly split the heavenly experience between us at 300 calories a piece.

Now, popcorn is my favorite food of all time. I love popcorn and have loved popcorn since I was a small kid and my mom would pop it in this silver kettle that was streaked with oil but would produce wonderful popcorn. Once in a while popcorn has basically served as a butter and salt delivery system, but as an adult I have experimented with different types of corn, different types of oil, and an assortment of spices. Basic popcorn is still wonderful, but this Fire Roasted Sweet Corn is absolutely amazing.

It’s buttery. It has a hint of sweetness that is not overpowering like Kettle Corn, and it has a bit of that Fire Roasted goodness to keep things interesting. Earl spent a good share of ride searching various online outlets to see if we could buy this in bulk. When I got home I mapped out the closest Speedway convenience stores so I could stock up on this stuff.

It is absolutely amazing. I look forward to enjoying many bags of this on our future road trips together.

Highly recommended.