December 17, 2020


If we have to endure advertising to keep the world spinning, at least make the ad calm enough so I don’t feel like I have to take a tranquilizer after the experience.

Today’s television advertisements yell and flash and scream and tell me about all the bad things that happen when we take the medication they’re screaming about. Why are drug companies allowed to advertise medication? “Here’s a caffeine pill for pep. It’ll give you gas, hair on your palms, and you might get a rash.”

Do like the rest of the world and have a drink.

It’s hard to believe that many TV ads back when I was a kid were 60 seconds long. These days there’s 30 seconds of ad copy jammed into 15 seconds with strobe lights and screaming and things that you won’t believe.

And don’t even get me started on Internet advertising. That’s a whole separate blog post altogether.

I have requested for our Christmas Eve celebration (it’ll be the four of us) some Jeno’s Pizza Rolls or whatever the equivalent is these days. I totally based this request on an ad from 1967.

Sometimes the best ads just linger on.