Sometimes I do things on computers just because I can. Like having a file server to backup the backup server we already have in place. Or wiring an old Pentium II to run the 1930s master clock collection we had wired throughout the old house back East.

Or sometimes I fire up an extra Raspberry Pi with touchscreen I have for a future project and use it to write a blog entry.

Since the pandemic I’ve spent many weekends simply being a dork. I set myself up at the dining room table and fiddle with the various bits of technology I have around the house, wondering what I can do next.

I tend to drift toward retro-style computing; command line prompts are mighty keen as far as I’m concerned and even though I mess around at the command line all day long in my day job, there’s still something nifty about being able to fire up a command-line based email program from 30 years ago to read the latest email.

Sometimes I just revel in being a dork.