Dan Robinson from caught an amazing lightning strike during the storms passing through St. Louis on Friday the 30th. Here’s a video of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis getting struck by lightning.

Earl and I have visited the St. Louis Gateway Arch in the past. The experience was not enjoyable as I had thought it would be. The arch itself is amazing and an impressive engineering feat. But the ride to the top of the arch in an oversize clothes dryer drum with four of your closest friends was not enjoyable. The tilt-straighten-tilt-straighten-tilt-straighten of the vehicle as it made its way up didn’t bother me, it was the close quarters with a tiny porthole that was messing with my head. As long as I could see outside the vehicle I was avoiding a complete panic, but that porthole was small and my eyes were frozen on the “scenery” passing by.

Once we were at the top of the arch looking out the windows I was still a little wigged out about how small the area was; it felt the inside of an airliner but with everyone running around. Again, I’m glad I did it once but I don’t need to go up there again.