October 30, 2019


I’m not a huge fan of Halloween. When I was a kid I didn’t really plan any costumes ahead of time or something; I’d just throw a sheet over my head or where a pair of shorts or roller skates or something. Growing up in the Lake Ontario Snowbelt it was always a crap shoot as to whether we’d be wearing ski jackets over our costumes or not.

One of my strongest memories of Trick or Treating is riding in the backseat of my Aunt’s Datsun B210 through a blinding snow storm between my great Aunt Rena’s and great Aunt Frances’ houses. They both lived on the same road about three miles apart. I remember the ride between their houses being about 20 minutes long.

That’s how we celebrated Halloween in the Lake Ontario snowbelt.

They’re predicting a dusting of snow tomorrow here in Chicagoland. Per the vibe of the 21st Century social media is flipping out, newscasters are having fits, and weather forecasters are having discreet orgasms.

It’s a dusting of snow. Have an extra piece of candy and calm down.