October 18, 2019


For probably the first time in over a year, YouTube suggested something to me that I find quite interesting. It’s a television series from 1961 called, “Mrs. G. Goes To College”. A quick Wikipedia hit reveals the show was later called “The Gertrude Berg Show”. The cast includes the aforementioned Gertrude Berg, Marion Ross (later on “Happy Days”), and the perennial Mary Wickes.

Prior to this suggestion I was unfamiliar with this show and Gertrude Berg herself, for that matter. The Wikipedia hit mentions she was a writer, actor, producer and more and basically a female pioneer in a very male dominated industry at the time.

The concept of “Mrs G. Goes To College” is she’s a widow in her early 1960s and decides to go back to college. I’m halfway through the first episode as I write this and I’m already finding it fascinating. I really like Mrs. Berg’s understated method of acting and line delivery. And not only does it appeal to my love of black and white film and other media and the graciousness and manners of the era, but the concept of lead character Sarah Greene going back to college in her early 60s gives me a sense of hope.

We need more hope.