So Earl and I are sitting at TPA awaiting our return flight from our weekend in the greater Tampa area. We are flying to LaGuardia today; I will then be leaving Earl in Jersey for work meetings he has tomorrow and I’ll be making the drive home solo. Luckily he’ll be home tomorrow night.

While our long weekend in Tampa has been quite enjoyable, Earl and I have decided that it wasn’t quite long enough for our tastes. Oh well, our next adventure is just around the corner. We were in town for my cousin’s wedding. It was great to see family we haven’t seen in a long while.

I brought the “real camera” along for this weekend and I had a good time taking photos, other than when the camera decided to fog up on the inside for a bit. I need to bring my camera along more often.

We decided to rent a Dodge Challenger because we were in the mood for some muscle. My camera was being foggy.

IMG 3991

Here are some shots from the resort where the festivities took place, the Magnuson Hotel in St. Petersburg, Florida.

IMG 3961

IMG 3963

IMG 3964

IMG 3965