Super Trouper.

Well our little trouper is still holding his own. He’s slow and tentative with his stride. He’s not eating much. He really tries hard to get to the litter box but sometimes he doesn’t make it all the way there, but our little super trouper continues to hold his own.

He’s been insistent on going outside today, so he’s sleeping on the front porch as I type. When I went for my morning walk this morning he insisted on following our ritual of going on the porch, walking down the stairs and investigating the driveway while I was walking. It’s what he has always done and he’s apparently going to continue to do it for as long as he can. I tried to dissuade him from walking down the stairs, but like the rest of the family, he’s stubborn, so he slowly navigated the steps on his own terms. He did need a bit of an assist getting back up the stairs, but that’s why cats have humans around: to cater to their needs.

I thought that yesterday would be our last day together. Apparently I was completely wrong. His terms. The way it should be.

2013-08-21 09.29.59