Over the past week I have read a few online articles indicating that marriage equality legislation has been passed by various governments recently. This is wonderful news because it shows that things on that front are moving in a sensible direction and that even though the steps are very small, at least the steps are headed the right away.

Yay for small victories. Let’s keep up that momentum.

I have little faith in our government. I have lots of faith in the United States and her citizens, but I don’t have faith in our elected leaders. “It’s good enough” is never an acceptable answer for me, but when it comes to electing people into office you kind of have to just choose the one that seems the least evil. “He’ll be good enough, I guess.” That’s how I feel when I pull the lever color the little dot next to the name of the person I’m voting for.

I try to keep tabs on what’s going on in Washington but lately I’m finding that that sort of activity just depresses me. Usually an avid listener of POTUS 124 on Sirius/XM, I’ve stopped listening to coverage of inside the beltway for a while so I can regain my sanity.

I just found myself deleting about six paragraphs of a rant because I could feel my blood pressure rising and I’m trying not to let that happen these days. I guess I just can’t write about politics. It makes me feel too hostile. Like many of my fellow citizens, I think I’ve grown tired of blatant stupidity and ignorance. Inaction. Lack of compromise. Grandstanding. Stupid people vote for stupid people and by golly, I really think we are in the prologue of that movie called “Idiocracy”. I know ignorance is chic these days, but quite frankly, I’m proud of my 144. I pride myself on my knowledge seeking ways.

Since I’m starting to fume to the point of incoherency, I think I’ll take a nap.