April 23, 2013


So I just put a letter in the mailbox at the post office. Not a big deal, right? After all, people have been doing this sort of thing for a very long time, and though people don’t do this as much as they used to, people still put thousands of letters in thousands of mailboxes on a daily basis.

To accomplish this small feat, I walked to the local post office. Again, it’s not a big deal. The post office is 1 1/4 miles from the house. I was able to walk to the post office and back in 35 minutes. This added to my daily exercise tallies.

I don’t know if I was inspired by the fact that the couple across the street are rebuilding their house that was gutted by fire a couple of years ago, and have enlisted the Amish to build the house for them, or what, but it was kind of refreshing to walk to the post office and back this evening. It slowed me down for just a bit and gave me the opportunity to look around the neighborhood a little bit. I noticed things that I don’t really see when I’m on my bike or whizzing along in the Jeep.

Sometimes it’s good to look around at a slower pace.


So I have been eating more yogurt. This is an attempt to get a little healthier in my eating ways and for the most part I think it’s helping.

Now, I’m not eating that stuff that Jamie Lee Curtis talks about incessantly on those ads because quite frankly, that stuff comes very, very close to the unfortunate incident I had with a tree on the Thruway due to eating some fat-free concoction called “Olestra” back in 1995. I’m sure Jamie Lee Curtis is a very nice woman but that is some very evil stuff she’s always saying is so great.

My yogurt of choice is made by Chobani.

Chobani is Greek yogurt and it comes in a variety of flavors and low-fat and non-fat varieties. I always opt for the non-fat variety and I try to vary the flavor selection as much as possible. Today I tried the “Blood Orange” flavor for the first time and I have to admit that it’s not my favorite. It’s not awful but I don’t know that I’ll go out of my way to enjoy another serving of this particular variety. I tend to like the vanilla flavor the best. Perhaps my tastes are bland.

The last time I was in North Carolina I noticed that there was a wider variety of flavors of Chobani available down there versus what we have here in Central New York. Honestly, I find this kind of odd, because Chobani is made not that far from here. The founder of Chobani, Hamdi Ulukaya, bought an old Kraft plant in New Berlin, New York back in 2007 and started producing Chobani. I’ve been by the plant on numerous occasions both by car and by bike. It’s growing by leaps and bounds and is kind of in the middle of nowhere. I think that’s neat. So I feel good about supporting the local economy by choosing Chobani.

I just have to prioritize my flavor selection better.