So I’m sitting on the back patio with my laptop for the first time in 2013. The air is very still. Clouds have moved in. I think we are going to get a storm. This is awesome.

Tom is 18 years old this year but he’s bounding around like a kitten. He’s liking the warmer weather. He likes to lay in the sun.

There are very few sounds from the natives in the woods behind the house. The only thing I can hear is an occasional chirp and traffic on the expressway down the road. Otherwise it’s very calm, very quiet.

I love it.


  1. We’re rather noisier here in southern NH — lots of birds in the woods, especially the cries of our red tailed hawks who soar in circles over the hillside on which our solar panels sit. Wild turkeys occasionally visit us and there is chatter from the chipmunks who live in the dry-set stone walls I built to surround gardens or contain raised beds. In a couple of weeks, one of my favorite sounds: tree frogs peeping all night looking for sex!

    1. We usually have the same sounds as you described coming from the small woods behind us, but last night everyone was quiet. We ended up with only a couple of rumbles of thunder, so maybe they were just being cautious.

      I love the sound of peepers!

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