Boston, Mass.


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Earl and I decided to head back into Boston before heading home today. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we parked under Boston Common and then went for a walk through the park. We then headed over to Boylston St. and walked up to Massachusetts Ave., stopping at Au Bon Pain along the way.

Earl always cracks me up because when he says “Au Bon Pain” he sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher. I guess that’s his version of a French accent.

Once on Mass. Ave., we stopped at what I’ve always known to be Tower Records but apparently it had become a Virgin Megastore. And today was it’s last day of business apparently with everything 75 to 90% off. I used to always look forward to going to Tower on Saturday afternoons back in the late 1980s as I was always eager to add my growing 12-inch single collection. I got a little choked up to see that it was closing down.

When the walked up Newberry St. before jumping on the T at Boylston and heading over to Government Center. I tried to talk Earl into walking all the way to Government Center but he remarked that it was much too far. I reminded him that everytime we’ve done that exact walk he’s said it was much too far but I like riding the T so we took the T. We ended up at the Bell In Hand tavern on Union and Marshall for lunch before jumping back on T at Haymarket and grabbing the Jeep and heading home.

Truth be known, I wouldn’t mind living in Boston again. For now I’ll have to be content with visiting from time to time.

We’re going back in two weeks.