Bewitched Remake.

Sources close to Sony/Screen Gems have confirmed the greenlight for a remake of “Bewitched”. Beyonce has signed on to star as Samantha Stephens, the famous role originated by Elizabeth Montgomery.

Dionne Warwick has signed on to play Samantha’s mother Endora. When asked for comment, Ms. Warwick simply said, “gurl, I knew all those years at the psychic network would pay off!”

Sherri Shepard has been approached to play nosy-neighbor Gladys Kravitz, however, her commitments to “The View” are preventing her from joining this reimagining of the top-rated 60s series. The source could not firm further rumors that Barbara Walters is considering releasing Sherri from her contract. In moments of senility, Ms. Walters said she could be persuaded if she was considered to play the role of Mr. Ed.

Sony expects the series to debut 4/1/14.