Holiday Train.

The Kennedy Expressway in Chicago takes thousands of cars to and from O’Hare (and points west of the city) on a daily basis. Along the median of much of this expressway is the ‘L’ Blue Line. I get why the city built the ‘L’ tracks in the median of the expressway, but it makes for a cold experience in the winter when waiting for your train.

When we come home from a ride on the prairie I always coming in from O’Hare. Using other methods of entering the city and then trying to get to our condo on the north side is a challenge, especially with the never ending construction at the Jane Byrne Interchange near the loop.

Tonight as we made our way eastbound on the Kennedy (folks from elsewhere know it as “Interstate 90”), the CTA Holiday Train was traveling along the Blue Line ‘L’ tracks in the median. This explained why the overhead electronic sign said “MONTROSE 7 MIN” instead of the usual “MONTROSE 5 MIN”. Folks were slowing down to see Santa.

I have no issue with this.

Because of the pandemic there are no passengers drinking hot cocoa on the Holiday Train (which my husband and I call the “Jingle Train” when it passes by our condo on the Brown Line) nor is anyone visiting with Santa. The CTA has purposely not published the schedule because they don’t want crowds gathering to see the festivities. But it was an extra special treat to see the Jingle Train on the Blue Line on our way home from our ride.

A piece of merriment to keep us in the spirit. Happy Holidays!