So I’m sitting over the wing of an Airbus A320 calling itself Delta flight 408. The emergency exit door is making a creaky noise. Hopefully it isn’t the ejection system. I can still breathe and it’s giving me a little breeze so I’m just fine. I notice the little things. And thankfully, it’s not as breezy as this.

I’m not wearing purple and green, either.

It has been a good week in this adventure called life and I’m happy that work afforded me the opportunity for this trip. I’m ready to get home though. A brief stop in Detroit and then I should be home in time for lunch.

Food is always a good thing.

The wifi on the A320 is working brilliantly and I am happy about this. Someone wretched about a peanut allergy so no peanuts for us today. Sigh. I was in the mood for peanuts. If you’re allergic to peanuts, I’m sorry to hear that, but just don’t breathe my peanut dust. It’s not hard. Take a Benadryl if you’re nervous.

I am resisting the urge to write some code on this flight, primarily because I don’t have a lot of elbow room. Someday I’ll be able to fly first class. By then someone else will probably be writing the code, though.