The 2004 Motorola Flip Phone at the next table is screaming for its charger. Earl has a hot green tea with a couple squirts of honey. Jamie is reading a bunch that he is contemplating purchasing. I am reading and responding to emails.

All is normal at Barnes and Noble.

“I’d like to write a blog entry before I leave”, I muse.

“It took you an hour to respond to an email.” This is accompanied by a glare.

I send out an all-points Tweet and Facebook status update:

Someone give that old woman a charger for her rotary flip phone so it stops beeping!

Earl looks at his phone and starts doing something electronic. Jamie continues to read the book he might buy.

I get a look from the husband. He says to me, deadpan, “Sooner or later my bowels are going to explode.”

And so ends this blog entry.