The Break From The Blog.

So I haven’t written anything in the blog for nearly a week. Aside from the video entry I did last week, I haven’t really thought about my blog, but I guess I did think about it more than I did Facebook, which I haven’t really thought about at all. I still think about Google+ and Twitter, both of which I enjoy, but I haven’t felt overly motivated to write the past couple of days. Some would interpret this to mean that there is something bothering me but the truth is quite the contrary; I am enjoying my life to the fullest and sometimes that means that you can’t sit down and write a blog entry. I guess some chapters of my life are just meant for the autobiography that I’ll write in my 50s and don’t really afford themselves to a sneak peak as to the contents of that stunning piece of literary work that won’t be out for at least a decade.


  1. Sometimes when you’re simply up and doing, you don’t have time to do the blog thing. Like you, I go through phases of being less or more loquacious. The issue with Twitter for me is that while I use it a lot – and I probably mean more than I need to – it does sort of stop you thinking in paragraphs, let alone larger prose.

    1. Sometimes I feel like my tweets are like barks. I just bark out something quickly and then move on, with little thought behind what I am saying. I have to remember that sometimes it’s good to exercise the brain by thinking in something other than quickly little jerky literary barks.

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