Now that spring has finally sprung in these parts I have to say that I’m getting out of my funk. It would be even easier to get out of the funk if I wasn’t wrestling with school so hard this semester. I’ve always enjoyed wrestling with something challenging but I’m used to overcoming the challenge quicker than this.

I love it when I use metaphors.

Even though the birds are singing and the sun is shining and I’m feeling good, I have to admit that I’m still in a bit of a hermit mode. I don’t know that hermit is quite the right word; it’s that loner side of me that is always present and it’s something that I honestly revel in. Few understand this, but those that do know how I feel.

I’m looking forward to a bike ride either today and/or tomorrow. I’m ready to hit the road and get some exercise. I have lofty dreams of having the body of a Marine. Maybe I should just get a summer job working road construction or something where I have to do something other than type on a keyboard. It would be good for me.