So today is the first day back to work after a most excellent vacation. Though I am officially halfway through the day and currently enjoying a beautiful afternoon during my lunchbreak, I have not finished going through the email that I received during my absence from work. I was braced for the onslought of email, so I’m not stressed about it, but it can be startling seeing message counts up in the four digits waiting in your Inbox, especially after the rules have done their magic and moved things around for you.

My allergies seem to be enjoying the springlike weather we are enjoying here at the tailend of winter. People are doing ‘May stuff’ in March. I know I enjoyed racing around the back lawn this morning as I tried to coax a cat that is deaf back into the house. Sometimes I wonder if he feigns his lack of hearing. He can be tricky like that.

So as I try to get back into the swing of things at work, spring fever runs rampant in my head. I’m looking forward to the ride home in the sunshine.

It’s a good reason to smile on a Monday.