I just took a 15 minute nap in the Jeep during my lunch hour. I used the Pzizz “Energizer” app to do so; it’s an app designed to guide you through a quick, restful nap in the middle of your workday. It uses soothing noises, gentle voices and binaural beats to bring you to a restful, relaxing place quickly. It’s kind of like meditation with a technological twist.

I use the Pzizz “Sleep” app at night when I’m having a hard time sleeping naturally. This is the first time I’ve used the Pzizz Energizer app for an entire cycle; I usually don’t allow myself enough time to use it because I don’t slow down enough to have the 15 minutes or so to just relax. Other than the fact that one transition in the audio startled me and made me jump (and the Jeep jump as well, because I jumped so hard), I can say that I feel great, I don’t have a “nap headache” and I’m ready to tackle the rest of my workday.

I might have to incorporate this into my routine on a more regular basis.

For more information on Pzizz, visit their website here. Highly recommended.

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