February 20, 2012


The birthday boy is enjoying his birthday present. I’m teaching him how to be a geek in style.



So today is my husband’s birthday. This is the first time that I have been able to say this. I usually say “today is my husbear’s birthday” or “today is my partner’s birthday” but I get to say that it’s my husband’s birthday today because we are legally married and all that. That’s a really good feeling.

As we grow old together I find it amazing that I find him as breathtakingly handsome as he was when I met him back in the mid 1990s. Maybe even more so. His charisma is ageless.

We took Jamie and Scott to Syracuse for an overnight birthday celebration this past weekend. I was going to take us all to Turning Stone, but the place was booked, so we went to an Italian restaurant in Little Italy in Syracuse called Asti Caffé. It’s highly recommended by a couple of my cousins and now I join the ranks of those making recommendations. Excellent food and atmosphere. We spent the night on University Hill near the Carrier Dome. We didn’t go out or anything, just spent time together laughing and exploring Earl’s new iPad2. I never thought I’d see the day that he’d love an iPad but now he can’t put it down. He said it’ll be much easier to travel with an iPad versus hauling his MacBook Pro around. Now he knows why I carry my iPad everywhere.

There’s nothing special planned for this evening other than relaxing. It’s always good to be able to relax. Even on your birthday.

Happy birthday, sweetheart!