February 17, 2012

Big Cats.

As I awoke yesterday morning I went through my “Schedule B” morning routine (as I like to think of it). This is the routine that I follow when Earl is out of town on business. It involves a slightly modified shower time, some lunch assembly, chopping up turkey or ham for the cat’s food dish and an extra pet on Tom’s head as I utter my usual morning phrase to him, “Bon appetit, mon chat. Je t’aime. Il y a beaucoup, aujourd’hui!”

The Schedule B routine also involves laying in bed for a few moments longer and flipping through the news, blogs and the like on my iPhone, because I can never have my iPhone more than an arm’s length from me. It’s the way I’m wired and I don’t think that I’m too obnoxious because of this fact (though I blog about it more than some might like).

As I was flipping through the various apps on my iPhone, pinching and zooming and swiping and tapping, I started reading about Linux and whatever advancements were being made in the desktop computing arena with that operating system. I usually start thinking about migrating away from Apple products when I start to get bored. Having a short attention span that requires a routine that one labels “Schedule B” can lead to that sort of boredom. It’s what I do. I try not to make it as expensive for us as it used to be.

Right on cue, Apple announced yesterday, with no rumors or speculative glances from the “click on my ad” media, the dawning of their latest iteration of operating system, OS X. This guy is called “Mountain Lion”.

w00t! w00t! w00t!

My head snapped right back to my Apple senses. Somewhere, an angel named Steve smiled as he strummed his harp app on his iPad.

Mountain Lion will officially be out this summer and breathes a little more intrigue into the Macs we have in the house, as it further integrates everyday computer tasks with living in “The Cloud” via their iCloud service. This is nifty. We have already taken advantage of iCloud in our merry little household by the consolidation of our calendars that we all live by, our groceries lists and our chatting habits as we IM each other between rooms (or hotels if we’re traveling). I’m not going to go into technical details here but suffice it to say that I am very excited about Mountain Lion and how it’s going to be “more iPad like” in the way we do things on our Macs. I have already taken advantage of the IM app now dubbed “Messages”, which allows a user to send and receive IMs with folks using any iDevice. Messages is out in beta form, so there’s a few glitches here and there but I really like the direction they are going with the app.

Since I make my living as a programmer (among other things in the technical realm), new iterations of any operating system, but especially OS X, are just my cup of tea.

I’m looking forward to getting to know this big cat named Mountain Lion.


Tip o’ the hat to reader JonInAtl who pointed out to me that the WordPress app for iPad had been updated. I no longer have to suffer through the BlogPress fiascos, because this update fixed the bluetooth keyboard issue. Jon took time out of his day to send me a tweet letting me know about this. I like that sort of thing. Thanks much.