I’m not overly familiar with Thai food. Oddly enough, the first time I had Thai food was not some major city in the United States but rather in Greenville, SC during one of my work trips. My teammates wanted to go out for Thai food and I said “sure, why not” and off we went. It was a good experience and I enjoyed the food.

The family decided to go out for Thai food and we made our second trek to a restaurant that does that sort of thing here in Tucson. The restaurant is appropriately called “Tuk Tuk Thai” and while it can feel a bit crowded in there, we decided that going on a weeknight wouldn’t kill us, even though we are fully vaccinated, so off we went.

It was good experience. The restaurant was not busy at all on this Thursday night. With COVID-19 starting to ramp up in numbers again and a good number of state officials making idiotic decisions, I was curious as to if people are starting to get a little gun shy about going out to dinner again. Or perhaps Thursday nights are just not Thai night.

I enjoyed the meal and of course going out with the rest of the family. We opted to wear masks where appropriate. I wish more people would do that.