Those that see the Twitter announcement that I a new blog entry has been posted will note that I am writing this blog entry at 9:13 a.m.  Contrary to the notion that I am covertly writing this blog entry from my cubicle at work, I am actually sitting in the comfort of my home office and I am currently not on anyone’s clock.

I start work at noon today.

Now I know that that’s quite an introductory paragraph for such a simple fact; a shift in one’s time schedule is not something to get all giddy about. However, in my reality, I am giddy because my day is changed up a little bit and I am actually going to be working during my personal Prime Working Hours. I enjoy being productive in my Prime Working Hours. I would enjoy it even more if I could do it from the comfort of my own home office, but that’s another blog entry.

I am working different hours today so I can train the first round of users on how to use the software I have been designing and building for the past month or so. It’s going to be a little bit of a trick, training users on how to use a software application that hasn’t been completed yet, but it’s a challenge that I am sure that I can live up to. Full on implementation for the new software isn’t until next Tuesday, so I have plenty of time to get it completed and the bugs worked out. (Please don’t let the sarcasm drip onto your nice looking clothes).

In all seriousness, I have enough of the application done that it is functional and we can get data where it needs to be, there’s just not enough flash and pizazz for my liking. I’ll be tweaking for a while. Besides, these days people don’t expect the “.0” release to be anything beyond functional anyway.

Despite the challenge, I am very excited to be working these different hours today. My only concern, other than the aforementioned incomplete application, is whether my iced tea at my favorite Dunkin’ Donuts will be warm at 8 p.m. after waiting for me to retrieve it at noon.