Well I’ve been on this health kick for a couple of…

Well I’ve been on this health kick for a couple of days and feeling pretty good. I’ve given up, for the most part, dairy. After reading about the negative aspects of dairy products, I’ve decided to just stop eating and drinking dairy products. I’ve given up caffeine as well, and I’m feeling pretty good. I thought I’d get a nasty old headache, but I must have calmed down on it beforehand or something because when I’ve tried to give it up before I had a caffeine headache like you couldn’t believe.

It was a bit of a rough Monday at work but I got through it easily enough. Personnel issues can become so muddled. Communication is this key! You think it wouldn’t be a problem working at a radio station, but it is.

Earl and I are thinking of going to Buffalo this weekend to check out gay life a bit. I know, I know – gay life in Buffalo. Believe me, it exists! When Earl and I go out on the prowl (as we call it), we tend to go to the more masculine type bars and such and hang out with the bearish guys. There seems to be some of that in Buffalo and we want to go see.

I was doing some tweeking on the website and noticed that I have some really odd pictures of us up there – especially the one when I was young and Earl’s graduation picture. It’s a good thing we don’t give a hoot of what people think of us!

I’m getting the Linux bug again and am thinking about installing it on my work workstation – Mandrake 9.0. If you know anything about this and how much better it is than the last version of Mandrake, I’d like to hear from you. I’m looking specifically for webcam support for the IBM/Xirlink webcam and for DOS programs. (I use a DOS program at work that I can not get rid of).