I have been trying to be a responsible American citizens by paying attention to the news again, more specifically, politics. This is a cyclic thing for me, because it often results in bouts of depression and general glumness after paying attention to what’s going on in our country for a few weeks. It can be so disheartening.

That being said, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the Republican debates that took place in Nevada the other night. There is a part of me that just can’t believe that Michelle Bachmann has been able to stay around for this long, being as bat-shit crazy as she is and all that. I hear she wants to have a double walled fence along the Mexican border in a few weeks or something. Or am I mixing that up with $1.99 gas in three months? It’s hard to keep track.

I keep hoping Rick Santorum will liven up the debates by wearing a dress that matches the one his daughter and her doll wore a few years ago…

… but given his feelings on “living on the edge” I am doubtful that that would ever happen.1

I don’t know much about Herman Cain but I do know that I have never had his pizza. I don’t know that I had even heard of Godfather’s Pizza before he came along, we are in local pizzeria country where you are practically flogged (not in a good way) if you’re seen near a Little Caesars or Pizza Hut, though I enjoy both. $9.99 is cheap for pizza though, I hope his plan works out for him.

As I make my way through the entry, I do realise that I must be engaged enough in politics, probably more so than the average American because at least I knew that Rick Perry does a damn good W impersonation and Mitt Romney is from Massachusetts.

One of the things I find perplexing is that it seems WAY too early to be talking about the presidential elections that are more than a year away. By the time the actual election rolls around everyone will be so tired of these folks that voters will just color in a dot on a scanatron sheet (because that’s SO accurate) just to get the whole mess over with so we can either bitch about the returning champion or his new replacement with the pizza or the double walled fence.

God help us.

I think I’ll switch back to the 80s channel.

1 I can’t bring myself to post the more famous photo where the young girl has such a sad look on her face, because it’s such a sad look that it prompts me to cry for this country as well, albeit for differing reasons, I suppose.