October 5, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs.

RIP Steve Jobs. You were a true visionary for the technological generation.

Thank you for your substantial contributions to our world.

Steve jobs


There’s a little bit of excitement in the air at work today because the weather forecast includes a low temperature of below freezing tonight. Depending on where you are in the mountains, plains or valleys in these parts (we have them all), the low could be as low as 25F.

I think that’s kind of cool.

As I have mentioned before, autumn is my favorite time of year and this year seems to be shaping up to feature a beautiful autumn thus far. Last night the air was mild with temps in the mid 50s; I went outside for the sake of just standing outside in the darkness and looking at the twinkling stars and occasional airliner making it’s way across the sky. Okay, I peed in the back lawn too, and that was even more enjoyable because of the crispness to the air and the rustling of the leaves as they struggle to stay on the tree one more night before falling to the ground.

Tonight’s potential frost could very well squash the remaining pollen in the air that has a tendency to make us all sneeze, too, and that’s always a good thing.

I always find a certain magical quality to nature at this time of year and I think that’s what fuels my excitement for the season. That, and some home cooked chili, meatloaf, breads and cookies, all of which are in the plans for the kitchen over the next couple of weeks. I have my meatloaf plans as seen on TV and the bread maker will make it’s annual debut on the counter tonight.

If I can find enough time to come inside after reveling in the coolness of the evening tonight.