October 18, 2011


A friend of ours just forwarded a link on his Facebook account. The link includes a photo and a title, much like most links do on Facebook. I didn’t follow the link because the associated photo includes a picture of a bible and the link title said, “The bible is bullshit.”

This kind of bothers me.

I haven’t really talked about overtly spiritual stuff on the blog lately. If you dig deep into the archives, you’ll probably stumble across some entries where I struggle with organised religion versus spirituality, finding your own path versus following something prescribed by others, etc. I still question these things on a daily basis and the one thing that I can say for certain is that I am not an atheist. To think that the human being is the greatest thing this universe can come up with strikes me as arrogant in some ways. I feel too much “something” occupying this vessel we call the body to think that they’re one in the same. When I die I know that “the me” will depart the vessel and move on to the next adventure. That’s one of the reasons that I struggle with funerals and memorial services. They’ve moved on and we should too. Some find that to be harsh.

I think the thing that bothers me about the aforementioned link is the harsh words used to describe their feelings on the Bible. I find it disrespectful. Just as I don’t ever want someone more religious than me to try to change me, preach to me or bang me over the head with their beliefs, I don’t believe that we should give others the right to explore their spiritual or religious beliefs as they see fit, and they should be given the same respect that we expect. If you find spiritual fulfillment in planting a tree, I’ll help you plant the tree as long as we’re not trying to change anyone or harm anyone. If you find that your path is fulfilled by standing on the stove and hoisting a box of Stove Top at the air, then I’ll make sure you don’t fall down. Give me respect and I’ll give you respect. It’s as simple as that.

I think some visitors to our home are surprised if/when they join us for a meal because our little family (Earl and me, Scott and Jamie) join hands and we say a prayer. We are thankful for whatever force got us to that moment and we are thankful for that. It’s acknowledgment of love and positive energy. Our recent wedding ceremony was comprised of many of the same themes. It’s what works for us on our path.

I was taught that religion and spiritual beliefs are a private matter between you and the higher power you have found on your path. I find atheists that tell me how wrong I am to “believe in magical voodoo” to be just as offensive as the folks that told my sister and me (back in elementary school) that we were going to hell because we were “sprinkled instead of dunked” when we were baptized.

Do I believe and subscribe to ever word the Bible contains? No. My own thought processes and subsequent determinations prevail on that. But for those that do, I hope you find the strength in the words that you hold dear and I will give you the respect to do just that.

Harsh words just bring on more harsh words. I think folks forget that from time to time.

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Here we are bordering on 3/4 of the way through October which can only mean one thing. It’s just a little over two months until Christmas. How do I know this? The natural way of course, by the ample display of Christmas trees, wreaths and hearty ho-ho-hos coming from the various big box stores that have been puked up all over this otherwise beautiful part of the state.

I think I might sound a little bit bitter.

Recently there was a photograph of a sign that was hanging at a Nordstroms Department Store. I’m too lazy to find the sign, but the gist of the sign was that Nordstroms would be ‘decking the halls’ for the holiday season on Friday, November 27, after Thanksgiving. They believe that we should celebrate each holiday for what it is instead of cashing in on the holiday ‘frivolity’ early.

If we had a Nordstroms nearby, I’d kiss the nearest cashier, male or female doesn’t matter and give them a hearty “thank you”. Since I don’t know where the nearest Nordstroms is, I’m going to instead browse their online shopping site and see what I can do about buying my holiday gifts from them.

The irony of my desire to hold off decking the halls until a more appropriate time is that I’m actually in the mood to do a little bit of holiday shopping. I know that every year I crow about how much Earl and I enjoy going to a distant mall in a faraway land and getting all the shopping done in one swoop, but the reality is that I would be much happier if I could point and click my way to a few token trinkets to let me loved one knows how much I care. I’m not really in the mood to make someone breathless with the scope, weight and hefty dent in the bank account from picking out some crazy gift, rather, I’m trying to find things that actually mean something and this might take a little bit of practice.

I really should be thinking about the upcoming Halloween holiday and how I might have the opportunity to eat my weight in Peppermint Patties or something.

I love this time of year, especially as the autumn chill grows a little more pronounced, the winds sing a little louder as they blow through the leaves that are heading to the ground and the air feels a bit more crisp with each passing night. It’s that magic that I want to box up and put a new bow on so I can share it with my family and friends as a holiday gift. I sometimes fear that a gift will be opened and there’ll be a wide-eyed look of excitement replaced by a look of inquisitiveness and the comment, “Oh look… wind!”, as they start fiddling with the bow.

So I am avoiding the retail establishments that are urging us to deck the halls early and start thinking about slinging holiday lights all over the house. I want to savor this season, these holidays, right now and figure out how to share my love for them in a gift later down the road.

Call me when Nordstroms puts up their decorations. Until then, enjoy the moment.

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