October 14, 2011


As I write this, Earl and I are on an Amtrak train headed for New York. When making the reservations, I spent the extra bucks for us to be upgraded to business class. This particular business class is in the back half of the food car. I have spotted som DiGiorno pizzas already so I think I know what we are going to have for lunch.

The business class car is set up in a two and one configuration. No one was kind of enough to allow us to sit next to each other, so Earl and I are sitting across the aisle from one another. I’m sharing my iPhone connection with him. I hope he isn’t surfing porn because it’ll blow the blue right out of the hair of the woman sitting next to him.

The train ride is suppose to take five hours. I believe there are eight stops along the way. It still beats driving down into the city, especially for an occasion like this. We don’t need the stress this weekend. I hope the weather cooperates.

So yesterday was our wedding day. It was a beautiful occasion and as soon as I have photos to share, I’m sure I will be sharing them here. The weather made for a typical autumn day, with a mix of everything except snow.

Our guests were dressed to the nines, as were we, and the spirit of the room was lively, supportive and more importantly, full of love. I have been saying that I can’t believe that we were getting married; now I can say that I fully believe we are married and that there were lots of folks there to witness it.

For the only wedding I’ll ever experience in this lifetime, it was a very magical day.

I have a few surprises for us this weekend in New York. I hope to share them along the way. I’ll be updating Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare with check-ins. I don’t know why I do these things but it’s what I do.