People fascinate me. I know I rant about people from time to time, and I do subscribe to the theory that our society is in a nosedive at e moment, but on the whole I find people to be quite interesting. I could sit in a secluded spot and watch people all day. I can even be motivated to interact with folks from time to time, but I’m happiest just watching people get through their daily activities. It would seem that this would attract me to the reality shows, but there’s very little that’s real in a reality show.

Sitting in the parking lot and typing on my iPad at lunch time affords me an opportunity to see what’s going on. I park in a corner, facing out, so I can see people come in and out of the stores in the plaza. There is usually a small row of cars situated near me where I presume the occupants are doing the same thing as I am; enjoying their lunch and watching the goings on of the natives. I find this to be very relaxing. Plus, it keeps me on diet.

Earlier in the week I ranted a little bit about parking habits and the disregard of following the law of the parking lot lately. It still irks me, but I have noticed that its more likely to be true the more expensive the car is. There are exceptions to this observation, age seems to play a factor as well, but nonetheless, just formulating the observations is interesting in itself.

One of the reasons I enjoy commercial flying is because I can sit in the airport and watch complete strangers navigate their way through mazes of corridors, expensive eateries and ridiculous security procedures. The way people handle these things is intriguing. It’s unfortunate that the new security precautions prohibit this from becoming a weekend pastime, but those outside of the sacred, radiation/xray free area are not nearly as interesting as those that have had their toothpaste confiscated.

People watching makes me feel relaxed and grounded. It’s probably odd that I want to do this from a distance, but that’s what odd folks like me do.

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