I just had two pieces of pizza for lunch. This isn’t very healthy, but it was for one of the charity organizations at work and I always support these groups at work when I can. Today’s charity was suicide awareness and prevention. I should get more involved.

For five dollars we got two pieces of pizza of our choosing, a tossed salad with dressing, a beverage and a dessert. I opted for the cheese and broccoli pizza (called white pizza in these parts because of the lack of sauce), balsamic vinegar on my tossed salad and a diet pop. I also selected the smallest cookie I could find. I feel I made healthy choices given the circumstances and will adjust my supper choices accordingly, probably by sucking on a breath mint and inhaling the vapor given off by an African violet. I jest, I’ll have a small veggie sub from Subway since I’m in bachelor mode tonight and we have no appliances in the kitchen. So basically I’m swapping lunch and supper. A crude deal-a-meal approach, without the sequins, glitter and bad Afro.

When spring finally began to show it’s face I found myself motivated to be healthy again and I was pleased to see that I have lost five pounds in the past two weeks. If you follow along with my Twitter feed you’ll see that I do quite a bit of walking during my breaks at work and I am getting back into cycling again. The guys at work have asked me to join them on some rides this summer and I’m considering it. I miss riding my bike. The five pounds feel noticeable to me. The walking, along with my morning exercises feels good. I think my mood is lighter too, which is always a good thing.

When I mentioned my delight in trying to be healthier to Earl, he remarked that he was happy that in was being sensible about it; no fad or crash diets, no Slim Fast, no protein powders or no declarations of vegetarianism. This new tendency to stay away from speaking in absolutes is slowly taking root. I feel like I’m progressing again. This makes me smile.

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