Oakville, Ontario.

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So I have been thinking about doing a road trip this weekend. I considered several locations and pretty much had my mind made up for Ohio and Indiana, but when California made their idiotic decision this week I decided that I didn’t want to spend any more money in the U.S. than I absolutely had to, so I decided to visit my family outside of Toronto.

I love it up here. My sister and I just got back from a run to the market so she can make supper and it was a good experience. My nephews are both handsome and my mom is up here visiting as well so it’s a little family reunion of sorts.

I made the right decision for where to go on a trip today.


  1. I love going to Toronto. If I ever had to live somewhere else than the U.S, then there is no doubt in m mind it would be Toronto. How I wish I lived close enough to be able to make a quick road trip there.

      1. If I could clone myself and be everywhere I wanted to be it would be awesome… but I am not that talented, yet.

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