So I am sitting in the Jeep just back from a chiropractor visit during my lunch hour. I still have 25 minutes left before going back to the office, it’s not enough time to run home so I’m sitting in the parking lot where Earl and I used to meet for lunch once in a while.

I don’t know what happened to that routine. I miss it.

I am listening to the Diane Rehm show on NPR as I type. They are talking about North Korea. I just heard this intellectual type mispronounce “myriad”. “Meye-ree-ahd”. Hmmm. Perhaps I say it wrong.

The chiropractor visit was a quick experience and I cracked really loudly again, especially in the neck. I feel such relief when this happens but the noise is startling at times. While was at the office I took the opportunity to schedule a visit with the massage therapist. She is a tall Swedish woman named Monique. I think I’m going to dig her.

Yesterday I went to the dentist and got that broken tooth pulled in preparation for some cosmetic dental wizardry. You can’t even tell I’m missing a tooth and it’s not really sore. The oral surgeon, an Asian man, made “wow” sounds while he was breaking my tooth apart and taking it out in pieces. It doesn’t really hurt at all and there has been no swelling. I am on an antibiotic for the whole affair. I believe this is my first encounter with a Z-Pak. I think it’s working.

Work is moving along at a reasonable pace. The early shift always moves along nicely. I look forward to getting out at 4. The payroll department read my time sheet wrong and overpaid me by nearly five hours. I mentioned it to my supervisor and it’s considered an advance on future overtime. I can deal with that for now.

For getting snapped and cracked and having a tooth yanked out of my mouth (not to mention the flat tire I had after the dentist yesterday) all within the past 24 hours, I have to admit that I’m feeling really good today. I’m glad it’s the weekend.

By the way, I’m borrowing one of four unsecured home wireless internet connections within the range of my computer at the moment. The owner has quite an impressive iTunes library.