You Can Be A Star.

So I’m putting together a new series of DJ mixes and I’m looking for the assistance of my gentle readers. I need audio files of various people saying: “DJ SuperCub” and “Beat Assimilation” in their sexiest voices. These audio drops will be processed and mixed into my future mixes. I’m thinking the varied accents of my gentle readers will sound AWESOME.

You don’t need to go into a recording studio to do this, just use the microphone on your computer and say “DJ SuperCub” and “Beat Assimilation” in your sexiest voice, save the audio file (format doesn’t matter) and e-mail it to

I’ll list your name (if you wish) with a snippet of how you sound in the mix in a future blog entry as my way of saying thanks.

Update: My first “Beat Assimilation” mix is available on the DJ SuperCub site, just follow this link. I think this is the first time I’ve featured my “Mr. Voice” liner voice on the blog. I’m one of the “whispers the name of the station” radio guys that are popular now.