Keep Up.

It’s been a little more than 24 hours since we arrived home from our trip to Toronto and I have to admit that I’m still feeling a little wiped out. There’s a certain challenge in making your body go from “weekend mode” to “workday mode” in one night’s sleep and I guess I’m not up to that challenge because I feel like I’m still in weekend mode. To keep things interesting I’m working the early shift for the next two days. If you can’t remember my initials you can always just call me “Zombie”.

Saturday night Earl and I went to the Beef Ball at The Opera House. The atmosphere was festive in an intriguing sort of way. The energy was intense. The music was incredibly loud (and very good). I can’t believe I managed to snap a photo with my iPhone but I think you get the idea from this photo.

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Naturally Earl and I dressed appropriately for the evening.

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After we had enough of the Beef Ball we headed back to Church Street where we met up with our long lost friend Mark. We haven’t seen him in a number of years and there he was, as bubbly and huggy as ever. It was good to see him. After watching the boys for a bit, Earl and I hit the hotel room around 3:30. Surprisingly we were both sober.

The Beef Ball inspired me to take my DJ gigs into more of a tribal/trance direction. I enthusiastically watched the DJs do their stuff and while I play pretty much the same songs as they do, their remixes are more intense sounding. I really enjoyed the thump of their mixes and hope to do my own version of it.

Sunday morning we decided to head out before the parade, which I know is very un-gay like but we had a long drive home and we had to be checked out of the hotel by noon. It was a good thing that we did head out, because the drive from Toronto to Buffalo (normally 1 1/2 hours at the most) clocked in at nearly three hours due to endless construction and strong thunderstorms on the QEW. At least our wait at the Peace Bridge was less than five minutes. By the way, for the first time we were asked our relationship to one another by a customs official and I replied, “We are lovers!” I almost said “w00t!” after that but I didn’t feel that piece of punctuation was necessary, plus it would be hard to manage without the obligatory hand flail. The border is a serious place. You’re suppose to be very afraid to come into the United States, not flailing your hand and saying “w00t”. I believe he typed the information into his computer so now it’s documented though still not legal in the Federal Government’s eyes. Bastards.

We finally got home a little after 5 p.m. and started the every joyful task of doing laundry and figuring out what to cook for supper.

All in all it was an eclectic, enjoyable weekend. I think I’m ready to move to a big city.