June 28, 2008

Sears Pride.

Sears Pride., originally uploaded by iMachias.

This is why I will shop at Sears and K-mart. Walking into the north end of the Eaton Centre, home of Sears, shoppers are greeted with this gay pride display. It is not the only gay pride display in Sears and one of many gay pride displays throughout the Eaton Centre.

Earl and I purchased gay pride bracelets from the Eaton Centre Info Desk. They were $5 a piece and 100% of the proceeds went to a local HIV/AIDS charity.

Eaton Centre, and Sears, rocks.

Toronto Pride Continues.

Earl and I have spent much of the day on Church Street today visiting the various vendors and hanging out with our friends: Dan from Buffalo, Sean and Jeffrey from Albany and new found friends from Toronto. The day is flying by, we are having a great time and there are a LOT of people here.

The beer gardens have REALLY loud music pumped up of various genres, most of it is familiar. Earl has said frequently, “Hey, you play that!” My ego is still in check. I’m so arrogant.

The streets are really crowded with people from all walks of life. I’m loving the energy. I’m loving the vibe.

Tonight it’s the Beef Ball. I’m looking forward to it, I’ll have to share pictures.

Random Thoughts.

A few random thoughts from our first night of Pride weekend here in Toronto:

1. Walking hand in hand with Earl up and down Church Street puts my head in the clouds
2. Drag queens riding bicycles in full regalia is kind of cool
3. People being themselves without inhibition is wicked cool
4. I really hope that the roaming charges for text messages is not outrageous as I have been going crazy with messaging various boys
5. Standing in line to get into a bar and then standing in line once inside the bar to get to the second floor doesn’t really do a lot for me. I did both but once I was in line for an hour to get to the second floor of the Eagle I felt like I was missing too much. Mingling amongst the crowds on the street is just as enjoyable
6. The number of businesses flying rainbow colours here in Toronto is astounding
7. “Well I certainly can’t find that at K-mart”
8. I love Canada and her people
9. I live in the wrong city to be an effective club DJ as I have seen literally thousands of people dancing to the exact same tracks that makes the bunnies at home go “WTF is this?”
10. I’m ready for another day of the festivities

Big City. Lots of Pride.

Earl and I are officially installed in Toronto for the weekend. We’ve already met up with dave and a few of his friends whilst we were milling about on Church Street after lunching at O’Grady’s. There is a certain amount of freedom attached with not having to drive tonight.

Toronto is one of my favorite North American cities.