June 23, 2008

Bachelor Night.

Earl is off to Atlanta tonight, so I am home alone with no one to play with. I’ve been home from work for no more than 15 minutes and I’m already sitting in the kitchen in my underwear chowing down on a bowl of popcorn. Life is good.

Tonight’s downtime is probably a good thing. This past weekend was busy: it was bear night at the bar Saturday night. Earl and I coordinated the event along with first Earl; it was our biggest to date with guys coming in from all reaches of the Empire State. Our next bear night is Saturday the 2nd of August. Mark your calendars now. In addition to co-hosting duties I was also the DJ for the night. I managed to DJ and simultaneously sell raffle tickets. The wonders of modern technology. I also talked the owner of the bar into keeping it open an hour later so guys could have some coffee and a snack to sober up before heading home. We got to bed rather late.

Yesterday was our jaunt to Syracuse to pick up the washer and dryer we gave my sister years ago; after living in both Toronto and Syracuse for a couple of years, she is moving to Toronto full-time at the end of the month. Earl and I are headed to Toronto on Thursday morning to visit with them for a day or two and then we move onto Yonge Street for Toronto’s Gay Pride. I hope I can get all my gear across the border without making the customs officials blush.

So tonight it is fun in the sun until sunset and then I’ll be working in the basement on various projects. One of these days I’ll get the projects done to my eventual satisfaction.