Bumble Bee.

With another beautiful day upon us, I decided to take full advantage of the weather, dress up like a bumble bee of sorts and hit the pavement with my bicycle. Earl took the obligatory shot of me in my cycling gear, complete with my new cycling glasses. I’m also excited because I found my cycling headband and cover so I don’t have sweat dripping in my eyes.


Not really having a destination in mind, I ended up riding the local streets and roads and the Rail Trail that was built back in 2005. All in all I clocked in 25 miles in about 1 1/2 hours. My body is feeling worked out but that’s all good. It helps combat the lingering effects from the field days food from last night.

Years ago I rode a number of times with the local cycling group. They must have had money to burn as their cycling clothes often matched their bicycle. As you can see by the picture, I enjoy dressing up like a bumble bee but I create a huge faux pas by wearing a blue helmet, red and black gloves and then of course my red road bike. This created gasps of dismay in the cycling club. Well, they also didn’t like the fact that I wore my camelback (backpack with built in water supply) while I rode as they preferred to have a van follow along with the fancy water bottles.

I guess I’m a loner of sorts when it comes to cycling, which is really not a surprise since I’m a loner by nature. I am looking forward to riding with Thom in Virginia this fall when the leaves are changing color. He’s a great guy and like minded in many ways.

I guess Earl will follow along with the fancy water bottles.