Chemically Speaking.

I have mentioned before that I occasionally approach my health as a big science experiment. Not one to subscribe through the “better living through chemistry” route, I avoid going to the doctor as much as possible. I suppose this has to do with my medical history; as a small child I was as little bundle of medical bills for my parents and as a teenager, occasional bouts with medical needs in my favorite parts has helped me in a couple of ways: I have a wicked high tolerance for pain and I don’t run to the emergency room for every little sneeze, cough or broken limb.

My aforementioned troubles with my favorite parts was corrected a number of years ago (and continues to function perfectly), but I keep very close tabs as to what’s going on down there. Hence the confirmation of my latest suspicion: diet pop is bad for you.

I hadn’t had any sort of diet cola over the past month or so. Whilst eating out I have favored iced tea or just gone for the gold and asked for Guinness. When working at the bar, I favored bottled water or a beer (aside from one shot I was asked to do with a bartender which turned out to be Goldschlager last weekend). While we were in New Haven last weekend, I had a couple of beers with the guys after the chorus concert and then decided enough was enough: I didn’t need anymore beer so I switched to Diet Coke.

Sunday I found that my favorite parts don’t like Diet Coke. Nothing became stopped up nor was there wasn’t anything alarming going on, but things felt different (and not as ‘streamlined’) with my plumbing and the only change I had made in my diet was the addition of the Diet Coke. I had one more diet coke with a burger bomb (why the Thruway McDonalds don’t carry iced tea anymore is anyone’s guess) and then switched back to water and/or iced tea.

After a couple of hours, all was right with my plumbing once again and things have been fine ever since. The only change? I stopped drinking diet pop again (and I’m not adding beer back to the mix either).

I think there’s something to be said about this little science experiment of sorts. I’ve never been a big fan of the chemically modified food; I figure if you’re going to eat sugar then it’s better to eat the real deal instead of the fake stuff. I’ve told about my experience with “Olean” (nee Olestra) in Pringles, the Thruway and a tree along the side of the roadway. It makes me wonder about all the other chemicals that we are putting in our body in an effort of being healthy; especially the stuff they hock in television ads these days.

If anything I’m making a stronger effort in keeping things natural. My favorite parts are most appreciative.