Will of the People.

During a recent conversation I was asked, “As you grow older are you finding yourself less tolerant of stupid people?” My answer was an undeniable “yes”.

I can’t decide if I have a growing impatience as I grow older or if society in general is setting standards to a lower level. If the reason is the latter, is it the nanny approach of government these days? It seems like no one has to think for themselves anymore. “Wear your seat belts”. If you don’t we’ll annoy the hell out of you with a reminder buzzer until you do as we say. Here’s the thing, If I don’t want to wear my seat belt that’s my choice. It might not be the smartest move in the world but my demise from such an act would contribute to a thinning of the herd, so to speak. A product of insurance companies going wild, a startlingly litigious society and greedy people.

“Don’t eat trans-fat”. Again, this is common sense as it’s been proven that it’s bad for you to do this.I know it’s probably not good for me to eat fries cooked in trans-fats but if I want to eat that food then that should be my decision, not some nebulous government society that doesn’t know me personally. Why the ban on trans fats and not the tobacco companies? Oh that’s right, there’s probably not a Crisco lobbyiest group.

In recent history it seems like government and ‘do-gooders’ (as my grandfather would call them) have immersed themselves in the business of protecting people from their own actions. In doing this it seems like people are having to think less and less, and in turn this is sort of dumbing down the sheep. When does it stop? Isn’t there a sci-fi novel floating around out there where people became so dumb that a man returned to Earth and was worshipped as a God because he could think for himself?

Of course, my perceptions could be fueled by an increase in crankiness as I get older. Perhaps I’m getting set in my ways as I approach 40 and have less tolerance for different points of view.


  1. As someone who has passed the 40 mark, I can certainly relate here! I also find myself becoming increasingly frustrated with the stupidity of others.

    I think for me it’s a combination of society in general getting dumber, and me turning into that old guy on the corner who likes to yell at the kids to “Keep off my lawn!”.

    Have you ever heard of the movie Idiocracy? It’s about a guy who is frozen in 2000 something and thawed out 500 years in the future to find he is the worlds smartest man. Here is the IMDB link:


    It’s written and directed by Mike Judge (The guy behind Bevis and Butthead, and King of the Hill, but don’t let that stop you from seeing it. lol…)

    Well worth the rental / download. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll never be able to keep a straight face while watching a gatorade commercial.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh.

    I was going to do almost exactly the same post earlier today about being less tolerant. I guess I have never really suffered fools, but in recent months both Ian and I have found ourselves becoming less tolerant of bad behaviour and stupidity.

    I think it’s partly because we just cannot be bothered with stupid people any more (I don’t know about the USA but over here I do wonder whether people actually understand the idea of personal responsibility and what it means), and partly because we both seem to get really frustrated when no-one else seems to be bothered…

    Still, take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the sunshine 🙂

  3. I’m with you… The annoying thing for me is that there are so MANY of the rude, ignorant numb-nuts out there. It speaks well of you that you’re annoyed as well–the annoyance is in direct proportion to your level of personal responsibility and ability to think for yourself.

    Greedy lawyers are a factor, but we can’t let the “helicopter” parents off the hook. The do their kid’s homework, go to college with the kid to pick out his subjects and talk to the counselor, and I’ve even heard about parents butting into the job search and contacting the prospective employer. If people never have to fear failure because someone will rescue/clean up after them, why should they learn to take responsibility for anything?

    (Geez, Alex, get off the soapbox NOW….)

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