Will of the People.

During a recent conversation I was asked, “As you grow older are you finding yourself less tolerant of stupid people?” My answer was an undeniable “yes”.

I can’t decide if I have a growing impatience as I grow older or if society in general is setting standards to a lower level. If the reason is the latter, is it the nanny approach of government these days? It seems like no one has to think for themselves anymore. “Wear your seat belts”. If you don’t we’ll annoy the hell out of you with a reminder buzzer until you do as we say. Here’s the thing, If I don’t want to wear my seat belt that’s my choice. It might not be the smartest move in the world but my demise from such an act would contribute to a thinning of the herd, so to speak. A product of insurance companies going wild, a startlingly litigious society and greedy people.

“Don’t eat trans-fat”. Again, this is common sense as it’s been proven that it’s bad for you to do this.I know it’s probably not good for me to eat fries cooked in trans-fats but if I want to eat that food then that should be my decision, not some nebulous government society that doesn’t know me personally. Why the ban on trans fats and not the tobacco companies? Oh that’s right, there’s probably not a Crisco lobbyiest group.

In recent history it seems like government and ‘do-gooders’ (as my grandfather would call them) have immersed themselves in the business of protecting people from their own actions. In doing this it seems like people are having to think less and less, and in turn this is sort of dumbing down the sheep. When does it stop? Isn’t there a sci-fi novel floating around out there where people became so dumb that a man returned to Earth and was worshipped as a God because he could think for himself?

Of course, my perceptions could be fueled by an increase in crankiness as I get older. Perhaps I’m getting set in my ways as I approach 40 and have less tolerance for different points of view.