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Adult Swim.

This (and it’s counterparts) video is a couple of years old. Part of Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim”, I find them to be absolutely brilliant and hilarious.

Enjoy the New Adventures of the Wonder Twins. Update: Just for the record, I have always *loved* the Wonder Twins. Next to “Oh Mighty Isis”, they have the coolest chant and sound effects when they use their powers.

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  1. Dude, I so thought I could count on you to be the one man who didn’t rag on my Wonder Twins. Sure this is hysterical, but the Wonder Twins get such a bad rap. I mean, Zan can turn into a bucket o’ water man. A – bucket – o – water! Can you do that? No, I don’t think so.

    Honestly, I know they’re written like stupid wimps, but I LOVE me some wondertwins…perhaps we could go as the wonder gay twins for fantasy weekend at hillside? You can turn into a giant hard snake and I’ll get all wet, then we can touch and activate our “powers” grrrrrrr

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