McCarran Int’l Airport.

So the trip to Las Vegas is coming to an end and Earl and I are sitting at McCarran airport waiting for our flight. We take off at 9:35 a.m.; it is currently 8:03 which is 11:03 Eastern Time. My body is already back on EDT.

The trip has been enjoyable. I got some much needed sun and I have a slight sunburn to prove it. While we don’t have more money than when we arrived, we aren’t going home broke. That’s always a good thing.

Last night I walked the entire strip while Earl played in a poker tournament. I walked from the Luxor to Circus Circus and back, stopping at various casinos along the way. I mentioned on my tweets last night that I found Circus Circus sort of disconcerting. It was my first time there and for some reason I felt like I was watching trained monkeys as people did circus type things while folks gambled below them. It seemed like an odd disconnect to me. I’ve always thought of Las Vegas as an “adult playground” (in many senses of the phrase) and for me it seems odd and somewhat wrong to bring children into the mix. Walking by the Bellagio I heard a woman remark that she shouldn’t have to navigate around baby buggies on the Las Vegas Strip, especially at 10:00 at night. I agree with her completely.

All in all it’s been a good trip and I feel relaxed and ready to tackle school and whatnot in the weeks that lie ahead. As we started the trip I remarked to Earl that with this spring break I am exactly halfway to my degree. That thought makes me feel relaxed as well.