Cleveland Hopkins Int’l Airport.

And now Earl and I are on a 90 minute layover in the glorious city of Cleveland, Ohio. It’s 29 degrees but sunny. The snow still appears to be melting despite the temperatures lower than freezing.

Some random thoughts that have crossed my mind while flying and sitting here in the airport terminal.

1. The ovens wouldn’t work properly on the flight from Las Vegas to Cleveland delaying our cheeseburger by 60 minutes. I don’t know why it made me nervous but if the ovens aren’t working what’s going on with general maintenance of the aircraft? It’s a good thing I’m not a nervous flyer. On the other hand, a passenger in the row in front of us lodged a complaint due to the lack of nuts. The flight attendant offered a spare, cold cheeseburger. She declined.

2. Cleveland Airport charges for internet access. Both Syracuse and McCarran had free wifi internet access. I believe it should be free. “Free the bits”, that’s always my motto. It’s applicable to many situations.

3. If the flight attendant is not going to trust me with a whole can of pop then they should go all the way with the mothering and say “Don’t Spill It”, despite the fact that I’m 39 years old.

4. Do long flights like the 19 hours it takes to get to Australia employ the same 3-3 or 2-3-2 configuration that I’ve encountered? It seems like it would be wicked cramped to be squished between two people for 19 hours. I’m not sure I can hold my breath that long.

5. As soon as the flight staff announced that it was o.k. to use our cell phones, things started ringing from every direction imaginable. I joined in the fun and sent an e-mail from my iPhone.

6. The guy across from me in the terminal has his MacBook Pro decked out with various stickers, including one for “In and Out Burger”. MacBook Pro points aside, he totally rocks with that sticker.

7. Earl and I have had more computer conversations than Earl would like to admit during our flight home. I’ve promised to sell two computers (both Macs) currently in the stable, see local listings for further details. I might sell a third as well.