It’s an on-call weekend in our merry little household and surprisingly, Earl and I were very productive around the house today! That makes almost two weeks in a row of domesticity. Before you know it, we won’t be peeing in the shower anymore.

Kidding. We’ll never stop that.

Earl kicked off the morning by getting his haircut in an ultra-short flattop that I must say looks positively fierce on him. FIERCE. Still not as short as my hair, but then again, he has hair he can ‘flat’ whereas I can’t. While he was having fun at the barbershop, I dealt with a few troubles for work that sailed along to resolution quite nicely.

We then decided that Mother Nature has made a statement with all the rain and wind and the promise of snow within the next day or two, so we packed up the camper and camping equipment and took the camper to the dealer for winterization and storage. Such a deal. They’ll make sure it makes it through the winter unscathed and get it ready for camping season with just a few days notice next spring. What could be better?

When we got back home, we cleaned the garage from top to bottom, complete with sweeping, and made room for the Acura so that it would be as snug as a bug in a rug this winter. I found it rather shocking that both the Jeep and the Acura fit in the garage after we took an hour or two of cleaning up the junk. Before we started our project, the person in the Jeep’s passenger seat always had to thread themselves out the window, over some garbage pails, around the snowblower, under the push mower and through the cat’s travel case just to get to the pathway that went to the door to the house. Now you can open doors and everything. Wow!

Earl then took a nap while I worked on some websites and then finished setting up a computer for my cousin that I promised to deliver a month or two ago. Since the day was just whistling along it didn’t even bother me that I had to delve into Microsoft hell and install Windows 98 on it for her. I even fired up the old computer in the basement that has Windows XP to download drivers. After spending a couple of hours using that software I don’t know what in the world was holding me up from switching over to my Macs and OS X. Computing life is so much better now. Since I was done with the Microsoft project, I wiped out Windows XP from the Intel machine in the basement and installed Ubuntu Linux. The computer may be old but at least it can maintain its dignity!

We just got done watching a chapter of “Angels in America” on DVD and now we’re parked in front of our computers catching up on our day. It’s all been good today.

Now I’m thinking that I need to change my beard style soon. I’m getting bored with it. I don’t know what to do though – I’ve never tried a mustacheless beard or goatee before, maybe I should give that a whirl. Anyone have any comments? Maybe I should put it up to a poll and let the masses decide.