[Kelli & Rosie]

I guess I asked about a “Hot Topic” yesterday and that’s why my question caught Rosie O’Donnell’s eye when she was scanning through her “Ask Ro” section on her blog.

Rosie was unable to come to terms with ABC to extend her contract (she wanted a one year contract, they wanted a three year), so she has decided to leave “The View” at the end of her current contract on June 21 of this year. She has said on her site all along that it was up to a family vote, and her family voted for a one year contract or none at all.

I stand by my statement yesterday in that I believe she can be a more powerful voice without the constraints of ABC, Barbara Walters (et al) and the FCC through her blog and perhaps a satellite radio talk show or pay-per-view show like “Politically Incorrect”.

Best wishes to Rosie and Kelli and their family. I look forward to keeping up with the O’Donnells through her blog. Call me about lunch.