Blog Maintenance.

I’ve updated my blogroll over there in the right column of my blog pages. Now my blogroll is up to date and if I’ve forgotten any that I read then I guess I’ll have to add them too. I’ve also changed my picture just for the heck of it. I just thought I’d throw that out there.

I’ve adopted this quasi-superhero sounding screenname of jp2.0 for various sign-ons I have scattered about the web. It makes me feel all techy. I guess I needed a change of pace or something.

I did have someone recently ask me about “Owl”, which usually appears up in the address bar of your web browser when you land on this site. He looks like this:


Owl has been with me since 1990 when I was using Microsoft Windows/386 (that would be Windows 2.1, golly I’m old). He represented a maintenance program on an old IBM PS/2 and I thought he looked pretty groovy, so I copied him and brought him along for the ride with this geek. I used to drop him on the desktop of any computer I worked on so I’ve spread some owl love back in my day. I also put him somewhere on every website I maintain (including the ones I get paid for). He appreciates the gesture.