Who Is This Guy?

Always fascinated by the mundane, I’ve noticed for the past year or two that this rather attractive young man turns up in commercials all over the place. His face has been caressed by an Italian bombshell in a shaving cream commercial, he’s been enjoying pancakes at IHOP and now he’s seen eating Hidden Valley Ranch dressing while the world changes around him.

Who is this man and his he vying for the Guiness Book of World Records title of “Appeared In The Most Commercials?”

Technology is fascinating. A few moments of intimacy with Google and I found out who this person is. He has a nifty name, as his name is Michael Spellman. From what I’ve read he’s very active in the theatre, has appeared on ER and has been in countless commercials.

I find him rather woofy as well.

Anyway, I can now get back to life now that I’ve solved that little mystery.