Winter Conditions In Area.

Welcome to Central New York.

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Earl and I decided to go for a drive today, despite all the snow advisories that were in place. You can’t let Mother Nature slow you down two days in a row.

Last night we were suppose to drive to Syracuse and join my sister for dinner, but it took almost and hour to get as far as the Thruway (about 20 miles) so we jumped on the Thruway in the other direction and doubled back home. There were times that it was snowing so hard we could barely see a foot in front of the Jeep.

The Thruway Authority does an incredible job with snow removal, but there’s one problem with taking to the Thruway during a snow storm: out of state drivers. When you’re on the local roads during a snow storm you see your fair share of bad drivers. When you’re on the Thruway, you see things that you wouldn’t believe. For some reason, a lot of folks in New Jersey think that they have to wear sunglasses in a whiteout, even if it’s midnight. Somehow, somewhere, they were taught that wearing sunglasses in the middle of a blizzard makes it easier to see, despite the time of day.

It doesn’t.

You know what actually makes it easier to drive in a blizzard? Turn off your headlights. Even if it’s the dead of night. Usually there will be enough light around you that you’ll be able to see the tracks in the road that you should be following and you won’t have the glare from the snow obscuring your view. Make sure you leave your parking lights on though, so others can see you.

And don’t turn on your damn flashers because that makes others think you’re broken down or an emergency vehicle, causing unnecessary responses that could create accidents.

Now that I’m off my snowbox, Earl and I went for a drive, went to the mall, picked up a classic joystick for the Xbox 360 and went grocery shopping. Not a walk through Thrillsville, but enjoyable nonetheless.

We’re kicking back for the rest of the weekend.