When I resigned from my job at the end of this past year, I thought I would have a lot of time before school started to get some things done. I had visions of multiple blog entries everyday, following the important matters occurring in the news and accomplishing tasks on my “to do” list with unprecedented time to do so. Classes start in less than a week and I’m finding that I’m busier now than when I was working. I think I’m a little surprised by this.

I can say without hesitation that my priorities have changed considerably. Back in the “old days” I was happy with the state of the kitchen floor if we didn’t stick to it. This morning I found myself armed with the broom and dustpan waiting for the cat to finish his kibble so I could scoop up his mess. I stop Earl at the door when he comes home from work and before he gets his kiss, I insist that his shoes come off. The washer has run more cycles in the past two weeks then it did the entire month before. I’m looking forward to stopping at the dry cleaners tomorrow morning.

What in the heck has happened to me?

I used to yak on and on about how I was turning into some domestic god because I vacuumed a little bit and shoved things under the bed. Yesterday I moved all the furniture in the bedroom so I could thoroughly clean everything. It paid off though; Earl didn’t sneeze once in bed last night.

See, there’s always a bright side.

Just to keep Earl on his toes I left a voicemail at his office telling him to stop at the store on his way home as I was fresh out of bon-bons.

He brought home some mop-n-glo. He knows his way to my heart.